Mobile apps changing the doctor-patient relationship?

Mobile apps changing the doctor-patient relationship?

Health apps on smartphones are proliferating and can be helpful, but keep your doctor’s number.

In case you missed it this month, Apple’s “Special Event” devoted significant attention to health care innovation. It even brought onstage a doctor associated with a new app that lets clinicians view patients’ appointment schedules and see vital signs, such as heart rates, via the Apple Watch.

This new AirStrip app has plenty of company. A search of the term “mobile health” in the Apple App Store produces 22,755 programs that purport to do everything from consolidating personal health records to triaging symptoms. One app can even turn a smartphone into a medical device designed to diagnose patients with sleep apnea when a single-lead electrocardiograph (ECG) is connected to the phone.

Most apps are intended for use by consumers. But there are also those intended for clinical use by health care providers, assisting with assessment and decision making. Increasingly, they offer real-time care monitoring, allowing users to share health data with a doctor from a smartphone. Some apps even allow doctors to virtually assess, diagnose and treat patients without ever having them leave home.

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3 HIPAA Safeguards for Medical Web Design | How to guide

HIPAA Safeguards for Medical Web Design  for entities, such as doctor’s offices, hospitals and health insurers that are required to be HIPAA compliant as well as their business associates who are at high risk for data security and privacy breaches are of significant importance last 5 years. Business Associates are the third party providers such as software providers, couriers, technology companies, hosting providers, and more.In 2013 the law was changed to require Business Associates to be HIPAA compliant too. If you are an app development company or a web design company, you need to strictly adhere to HIPAA recommendations, while developing a medical app.

Three Security Rule Safeguards of HIPAA to be complied with:

1. Administrative HIPAA Safeguards
2. Technical HIPAA Safeguards
3. Physical HIPAA Safeguards

Web Designing or Application Development companies focus will primarily be in the technical and physical requirements.

There are two specifications in each of the safeguards. They are:

1. Required – these are safeguards that needed to be implemented.

2. Addressable-though they are not optional, it can be implemented as appropriate, but if there is doubt implement such safeguards.

Following is a quick look at the each of the three safeguards. Fore more detailed information go through ‘The Develoers’s guide to HIPAA Compliance on GitHub.

Technical HIPAA Safeguards

The Technical Safeguards focus on the technology that protects PHI and controls access to it. It never envisages any particular technology to be used, but security standards wants the technology so used to be a technology neutral.

There are five standards that must be met to satisfy this area of the law. They are:
1. Access Control
2. Audit Controls
3. Integrity
4. Authentication
5. Transmission Security

At a high-level they are: unique user identification, emergency access procedures, automatic logoff, encryption and decryption, audit controls, mechanisms to authenticate PHI, authentication, and transmission integrity controls and in-flight encryption.

Physical HIPAA Safeguards

These are rules and guidelines that focus on the physical access to PHI. These help protect from unauthorized access to sensitive data. When thinking about these, be sure to look at your backup procedures and cloud storage providers. Have a developer syncing all their files to their personal Dropbox? You could be looking at a violation. There are four standards to be met in this area of the law. They are:

Facility Access Controls – contingency operations, a facility security plan, access control and validation procedures, and maintenance records.
Workstation Use – Security policies and procedures are required.
Workstation Security
Device and Media Controls – Disposal, media re-use, accountability and backup and storage specifications.

Administrative HIPAA Safeguards

These are the policies regarding the conduct of your workforce, and the measures put in place to protect PHI.

As part of them, you are required to:
 Assign a privacy officer
 Complete an annual risk assessment
 Implement employee training
 Review policies and procedures regularly
 Execute Business Associate Agreements with all partners who handle PHI (such as hosting providers)

There are nine standards in the Administrative Safeguards section of the Security Rule include 18 implementation specifications. While too many to list here, they include things such as risk analysis and management, a sanction policy, information system activity reviews, employee oversight and data access, login monitoring, emergency procedure policies, evaluation policies and more. See the checklist for a detailed run down.

Besides these safe guards outlived above there are HIPAA Privacy Rule Standards and a big list of HIPAA Security Rule, which are not discussed here. For complete understanding of the matter, Web Designing Companies/App Development Companies should be thorough with The Developers’s guide to HIPAA Compliance on GitHub, before embarking on the project.

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Medical App Development for Mobility | Exciting New Era

Medical app development holds vast potential in the quest for wellness and the fight
against disease. Medical industry experts believe healthcare as one of the most under-
served industries in terms of mobile app technology, despite its status as one of the
single largest contributors to economic growth and personal well-being on earth.

There are countless ways in which healthcare and medical apps could be used to improve
daily life and foster positive health results. It allows users to access and organize
important personal health information. It helps patients to track and monitor their
progress and recovery, the beneficial possibilities of healthcare apps are virtually

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Is Healthcare Under Served by Medical App Development?

One of the reasons the healthcare industry is under-served by mobile apps is because the
best medical app ideas don’t come from software developers — they come from medical
professionals. Yet, in most cases, medical professionals lack the specialized knowledge
and skills needed to propel an app from concept to market.
Our  team of experienced software development professionals has the skills and
knowledge to turn any healthcare app idea into a fully functional and commercially
viable reality. We use a proven development and refinement process that helps our
clients understand and amplify the features that truly set their app apart from the

Our highly skilled software engineers excel at troubleshooting, improving app
functionality, and interface design. With our guidance, you’ll see your app idea come to
life in ways you never thought possible.

Every healthcare app development company believe that the hard part is over once the app
has been tested, refined and programmed. Getting your
app noticed in the marketplace is one of the biggest challenges, but with our team of
software marketing experts on your side, your app will get noticed by millions of
potential users.

We can develop customized medical apps to meet your specifications and scale
accordingly to satisfy user demands.Patient appointment app

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